"Koala and Bunny is straight to the point child protection”.
Senator Derryn Hinch. Child Protection Advocate.

 “Koala and Bunny provides a simple platform for children to have conversations about protective behaviours.”
Dr Chris Sarra, Executive Director, Stronger Smarter Institute. www.strongersmarter.qut.edu.au

"The Koala and Bunny & Rhino and Elephant books are such an interactive child friendly way to facilitate pre-school and primary school children to own their bodies. So effective to explain safe and unsafe touch to enhance child safety".
Edwina Pereira, Executive Director, Child First Foundation, Bangalore, India.

"Koala and Bunny is a valuable tool in teaching children protective behaviours. I'm happy to endorse the Koala and Bunny as a useful tool in teaching children".
Chancellor Leneen Forde, AC, Governor of Queensland, Chancellor, Griffith University. Queensland, Australia.

"Koala and Bunny is a great way of touching on and dealing with the delicate and sensitive issue of prevention of sexual abuse, while also bringing the message of health and hygiene".
Tiga Bayles. Honary Rotarian, General Manager. 98.9fm Brisbane Indigenous Media Association. http://www.989fm.com.au

“Al Smith’s dedication to instilling protective behaviours in children and his success in establishing the distribution of the Koala & Bunny resources both around Australia and around the world is to be commended".
Karyn Walsh, AM, CEO, Micah Projects.

"Koala and Bunny are great resources for teaching children protective behaviours".
Dr Mark Wenitong, Founder, Australian Indigenous Doctors Association.

"Koala and Bunny is very important work for our children".
Pastor Ray Minniecon.

"Koala and Bunny is a story kids can relate to at their level. They love listening to the story and colouring in".
Reverend Alex Gater.

"Koala and Bunny is a beautiful book with a valuable message".
Pastor Darryl Lingwoodock.

Koala and Bunny is absolutely amazing.I am just so proud to be associated with this book for what it does for our children.
Aunty Flo Watson. OAM.

“Rhino and Elephant will not only provide a lot of inspiration to children but it will be a learning factors for all Nations. Best wishes from India”.
Satya Ranjan Mishra, Director National Peace Unison (India), International Peace Ambassador-L'ace France Europe For South Asia.

"I am pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as a useful resource to help prevent children from becoming victims of abuse".
Barry Watson, Elder in Residence, Communities for Children, Australia Day Ambassador in 2015, Elder of the Year for South East Queensland by the Department of Education.

"The Koala and Bunny Book is a great resource. It is a creative and unique story which focuses on an issue that is very, very real. Al Smith has certainly come up with an innovative way of imparting an important message to children.”
The Hon Warren Entsch MP, Federal Member for Leichhardt.

“I am very happy to support the Koala and Bunny book because we should all be doing whatever possible to keep children safe”.
Senator Susan McDonald.

“Koala and Bunny is a great resource for families to use with their children in a really non-confrontational way. It’s a gentle way to introduce the topic, it’s child friendly and makes it easy for parents to get the message across – especially if they are unsure how to approach it with their kids. It goes a long way to keeping children aware and safe.”
Debbie McCall. Aboriginal Community Partnerships Officer, Campbelltown City Council.

"Koala and Bunny is such an amazing resource. I strongly believe that it is not just a “must have” resource for all Child service organisations or agencies but a terrific “go to” in the homes and minds of all families who continue to nurture,
love and keep their young ones happy and safe".
Charles Jia, MomenTIM, Regional Coordinator, IUIH.

"I commend you for creating a resource which will empower children to keep themselves safe".
Clover Moore M.P. Lord Mayor of Sydney".

"Koala and Bunny is a simple yet powerful resource that introduces the topic of acceptable and unacceptable practices when it comes to our body openings.
It is a great resource for anyone who wants to create an awareness of the importance of looking after and protecting our body openings".
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Development Worker.

"Koala and Bunny is a very unique and subtle way to address a very sensitive topic. Well done".
Floyd Leedie, Chief Executive Officer, Goondir Health Services.

"Koala and Bunny is a fabulous resource that opens up such an important conversation with our carers, parents and children. The content is easily understood by the young people we work with including those with developmental delays or disabilities".
Sarah Galbraith, A/Operations Manager, Life Without Barriers, Brisbane Region.

"I feel the Koala and Bunny book can help develop communication lines with children and give parents and carers a starting point for open conversations with children. I found value in the content of this book and hope that respectful and meaningful conversations can be established with children as a result of reading Koala and Bunny. I know the children will enjoy the story and interactive elements of colouring in also".
Elena Weatherall, Senior Certified Supervisor, Swallow Street Child Care Assoc Inc.

"Koala and Bunny are very important resources for our clients".
Bino Toby. Case Management Practice Manager and Cultural Advice Manager. Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service.

"Koala and Bunny is a good resource that gently explains, and does not go into depths of sexual abuse, but is a slight way of opening doors to sexual abuse.
The way it is presented does not overwhelm kids and make them scared. It is not a hard sell but a warm, gentle approach".
Vicky Anderson, Manager, Brighter Futures, Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny is a great conversation starter to help instil protective behaviours and encourage smarter, stronger children of the future".
Yarraka Bayles.

"Koala and Bunny is the only learning material I have ever seen that instills protective behaviours and that could save lives if not years of suffering in silence. Teaching kids what's ok and what's not is hard to do, yet Koala and Bunny breaks through barriers like age and race and does just that. Let's do our part and get it to kids everywhere to arm themselves up with knowledge to protect themselves from adults who may be up to no good".
Kaiyu Moura Bayles.

“I endorse ‘Koala and Bunny’- a book for the care-givers of small children to use as a gentle introduction to an important subject about why children should not allow their openings to be touched and definitely not penetrated".
Dr Davina B Woods. Educator and First Nations Woman of Australia.

Purga Elders and Descendants Corporation appreciate the beautifully illustrated Koala and Bunny educational books, that teach children about their body parts and protective behaviours.
Letissa Murphy, Director, Purga Elders and Descendants Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny and Rhino and Elephant are very simple to use, but packs a child centred powerful message to safeguard our children".
Yaina Samuels Founder/CEO NuHi Training.

"Koala and Bunny is really useful and innovative for children to learn about protecting themselves and to explain good and bad touch to kindergarten children. The children learnt important tips on how to protect their bodies".

"Koala and Bunny is an astonishingly simple approach to a complex issue! No shame, no confrontation, just a very simple yet effective life lesson."
Idell Wadley, Spirit of the Valley Events. Inc.

"The Koala and Bunny books are very educational in both our Toddler and Kindy rooms"
Abigail Murgha, Daycare Centre Director, Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council.

Koala and Bunny is a wonderful resource to teach Children about safety and how to look after their friends.
Jacqui Tapau, Director, Gundoo Day Care Centre, Cherbourg

"Koala and Bunny is a great resource to educate young people about inappropriate behaviours".
Sammy Leone. Australian Indigenous Boxing Champion 2004/2007.

“Congratulations on your latest endeavour, Koala and Bunny".
James T. Musician. Canned Heat

"Koala and Bunny is a child friendly way for parents and children to be educated about inappropriate behaviour around sexual abuse and for children to know it’s not right".
Dolie Ufi, Aboriginal Support Worker, Kildare Road Medical Centre.

"Learn with Grandma is very pleased to endorse and promote these excellent freely downloadable books (Koala and Bunny ~Rhino and Elephant) that are helping children in so many countries".
Valerie Wood-Gaiger, MBE, Learn With Grandma International.

Koala and Bunny is a real eye opener, relaying safety for children and done in a way,we as parents and children can understand.
Douglas Graham, Co-Ordinator, Woorabinda Indigenous Knowledge Centre.

“Koala and Bunny is a great resource for young children”. Maggie Daunt, Coordinator, Domestic Violence and Family Counselling Program Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group Inc. (SANDBAG)

"Rhino and Elephant is an amazing child protection tool. I love the story and logic behind the method".
Anita Koroma, Girl Child Network, Sierra Leone.

"I’m sure in the hands of a caring parent this story will de-mystify our bodies and thus mitigate some of the abuse”.
Alan O’Day. Musician/Songwriter.

"Aboriginal Social Media Communications Network Australia proudly endorses and supports Koala and Bunny ~ Teaching Children Protective Behaviours".
Ricky Pascoe. Ngarabal/Darug Man, Director.

"Kurbingui Sporting Association Inc., is pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as a valuable child safety resource and we are aware that it is being used within our community. We encouage everyone in the community to use this resource".
Sue Perel, President, Kurbingui Sporting Association Incorporated. 2014.

"I am pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny Books as a wonderful resource for the protection of our Children".
Syl Johns. Founder, Kurbingui Youth Development.

"Koala and Bunny is a positive plan to help protect our Children. It helps us become aware and essentially, we know what we have to do. It also teaches personal cleanliness, something which should be a part of the growing up process".
Robert West. Chairman, Umpi Korumba Housing, Wakka Wakka Nation Elder.

“We are blessed to have this wonderful resource for our Playgroup. It is such an important message to share”
Elsie Baker, Thursday Island Playgroup Coordinator.

"Sexual Assault Clinic is pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as an exceptional tool to use with children for teaching correct behaviour".
Michelle Bellion, Director, Sexual Assault Clinic, Benoni , Gauteng, South Africa. http://www.sexualassaultclinic.org

“I highly endorse Koala and Bunny to help teach all children the importance of appropriate and protective behaviors”. 
Mary Romero, '2014 Executive Woman of the Year' National Association of Professional Women, USA.

"Koala and Bunny books have been well received and helpful".
Anne Veinot - Singh. Team Leader, Family Support, Gungarde Community Centre Aboriginal Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny" is a book developed to help young children understand that their body parts are special to them and should not be interfered with.
The characters and language are clear and relatable and do a great job in conveying this important message".
Dr Karen Koks BVSc

"I am pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as a simple, non-confronting way of communicating a message to children to respect their own and other people’s bodies".
Dr. Deidre Michell.

“The Koala and Bunny Book is an important resource which can be used as a part of child protection strategies.”
Dr Christian A. C. Rowan MP.

"Koala and Bunny is a great resource that talks about not putting things in holes that are your own special places. It allows children to understand their body parts are precious and not to be hurt".
Dr Elaine Cebuliak.

We are pleased to include the Koala and Bunny Books in our School Packs.
Pat Hill. President, Inala Elders Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation.

I can see Koala and Bunny would appeal to small children greatly and has a terrific message, well done.
Michael Healy M.P.

"Our Kids have a better understanding and awareness of their precious bodies. It is easier to talk with them using this book and they are continuously asking appropriate questions about their bodies".
Allan Anderson. Gamilaraay Elder.

Koala and Bunny is empowering and knowledgeable. It instils protective behaviours in Children and creates safe play practices.
Goodjingjarng, Mindle Bygul Aboriginal Corporation.

"Kids find Koala and Bunny very interesting and love the colouring in. The parents are quite happy to read the books to the kids".
Cheryl Lang, Senior Practice Manager. Goolburri Wellbeing Centre. St George.

"The play (Rhino and Elephant) simply deals with teaching children about hygiene, looking after themselves and protecting themselves from strangers and germs, but to a child that is being sexually molested or groomed it has a deeper meaning and empowers that child to come forth and report what is happening to them".
Emmy M Legodi South Africa Police Service Academy (Africa) Benoni Training Academy.

"Koala and Bunny books are really beneficial to point and describe the story and gets down to the Childrens’ level".
Roselyn Thomas, Program Co-Ordinator, Chronic Diseases, Cunnamulla Primary Health Care Centre.

"As an Elder of the South Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, I am pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as an aid to help children with their special needs".
Eugene Cameron.

"Koala and Bunny is a wonderful book and with such simple words, has captured a very important message".
Chairman, Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny is a useful resource that the Children enjoy reading and colouring. It brings awareness and is a sound resource".
Charmaine Keene-Hamilton, Parent Support Practitioner, Naluk Njaguda Garina, Aboriginal Homework Group.

"A fabulous resource for anyone working with children”.
Dr Natalie Clohesy.

"The message in Koala and Bunny is very soft but is powerful beyond words. Great educational easy book to have at hand".
Patsi Mawn, Senior Indigenous Project Officer.

"Koala and Bunny has been a massive hit in our centre. The children absolutely love it and understand it. I can’t recommend this book enough. Parents have also requested copies to take home. What an amazing opportunity this is to get involved in".
Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning

KYC and Jabani Jinna Indigenous Corporation totally support the Koala and Bunny books as a great way to talk around safety and helping children to understand what is safe.
Uncle Ian Wheeler, Director.
KYC and Jabani Jinna Indigenous Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny is a wonderful resource to teach our children about protective behaviours".
Felicity Doolan, Senior Health Worker, Woorabinda Multipurpose Health Centre.

"As a Mother of three, I love Koala and Bunny, because it helps to Educate, Empower and Protect Children".
Wyomie Robertson, Transform Life Coaching.

"Koala and Bunny sets a platform for Childrens’ Parents or Guardians to discuss important and sometimes taboo subjects with sensitivity and care".
Tyler Johns, Director Volti Electrical.

"Koala and Bunny share their story to assist Children to understand and be aware of how important it is to be mindful of safe play and interaction".
Lisa Anne Caruana

"Koala and Bunny is a great little book for Teaching Children Protective Behaviours"
Aunty Pat Leavy. Kooma Elder.

"Koala and Bunny is a low key, inexpensive way of starting a conversation with children and parents and is an easy tool kids can relate to and also talk about among themselves".
Douglas Gambling, Counsellor.

"Koala and Bunny teaches our children about appropriate touch and is a valuable educational tool".
Harry Pitt, Managing Director, Sager Consultants. (Formerly Torres Strait Islander Consultancy).

“ I am pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as an essential interchange of information between parents and children and for developing trust and ongoing communication. It fills a niche”.
Bernard Sanft. (Post Grad. Cert., Youth and Community Work)

"The Palm Island Child and Family Centre included the Koala and Bunny books in the NAIDOC Week 2019 promotion bags. It is a great resource to initiate discussions and build awareness about instilling protective behaviours in children. Thanks to Al Smith for all his support in making these books available for children and families using the Child and Family Centre on Palm Island".
Katharin Bartley, Early Childhood Coordinator,Child and Family Centre, Palm Island.

“Koala and Bunny is a beautiful book”.
Dr Zofia Piotrowska-Hess.

"We Love Koala and Bunny and can't wait to share these with the family members and the kidlets".
C'Shay Shaine Dungay.

"Koala and Bunny is about being safe and it is better to be safe than sorry".
Allira Dungay.

"Koala and Bunny are very popular and the Children love them. Parents think they are a good resource, simple, and easy to understand".
Sandra Ambrum, Family Wellbeing Co-Ordinatior, Mamu Health Service Ltd.

"Honestly mate,so damn proud of you and what you have achieved and still doing, not just for our mob but on a global context".Much respect.
Anthony Ghee, BDT (CKNU)

"The Koala And Bunny Books are a must for all Communities".
Marshall Saunders.

"Thank you Alan Smith for providing these great Childrens’ Books throughout the Community. These Books are providing effective awareness with a softer approach for Children".
Liworaji Aboriginal Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny empowers kids with tools to help them feel more secure about their personal space and bodies".
Karen Cummins Coghill.

"Excellent, Simple, a fun story and to the point. Not only does it teach the kids to protect themselves against predators, but also to look after their own health and well-being. I read it to my five and eight year old sons.
They enjoyed the story and I then explained to them the moral behind the story. Well done".
Paul Smith, Special Education Teacher.

Koala and Bunny is a good book for children and for Parents to safeguard Children and should be in every home.
Robert Mitchell, Director, Yugara-Yugarapul Aboriginal Corporation.

"Koala and Bunny books not only make it easy to teach children about protective behaviours, but shows adults and those responsible for our children, how to deliver it themselves, to Children and others".
Corey Lum, Development Director, The Big Three. Strive, Thrive and Live.

"Koala and Bunny: Instilling Protective Behaviours in Children will become a significant milestone in the effort to protect our children against human predators".
Strategic Book Group http://sbpra.com/AlSmith/

Koala and Bunny books are a fantastic resource with a very important message.
Marjorie Talbot, Early Linker, Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation

"Children should know of their body opening parts like the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and private parts, their functions and not allowing others to touch them".
Ruth Mutuzo. Chapter Leader, Kids For Peace. Kanyanya, Kampala, Uganda.

Koala and Bunny is a valuable asset and helpful resource for teaching Children protective behaviours. It teaches Children what is safe and acceptable behaviour and helps to protect them from harmful abuse.
James Condon.

"We here at the office appreciate the Koala and Bunny Books and have planned for their use with some very needing children and families".
Aboriginal Family Case Worker, Clarence Valley IFBS

"The afternoon Articipate Group love their time with Koala and Bunny". The Artrageous Experience.

"It is wonderful to have the Koala and Bunny Resource now available in The Torres Strait. We will be taking it to Local Playgroups and Day Care Centres".
Electorate Officer, Thursday Island Office of the Hon. Warren Entsch M.P.

"The Koala and Bunny Child Protection Message could not be any simpler. Two year olds can be taught it".
Alan, Aboriginal Elder, Kurbingui Youth Development Community Garden Manager.

"The Koala and Bunny Books have been sent through the Organisation for all staff to use.The Children in the Bridges Program love the Koala and Bunny Colouring-in Book".
Operations Manager, Kurbingui Youth Development.

"As a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man I am happy to acknowledge Koala and Bunny as not only a useful tool but a fun family activity that I share with my children".
Kevin Arthur ‘Mullen Bungoon’ Maund, Waribarra Man, Program Manager, Community Programs, Kurbingui Youth Development.

"It is wonderful to see that you have taken this proactive approach and blended it with a useful book for children. I applaud your passion".
Mayor Paul Pisasale, City of Ipswich.