Problems Sleeping or trying to get to sleep?.- Check out  The Peace Method

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When you're trying to get to sleep, and the thoughts won't leave you alone, there's a magic little five letter word called  "Peace". Every time a thought pops in your head just say the word peace, and please persist, for your sake. Even if you don't have too many thoughts but can't get to sleep you can try the Peace Method.


There is great value in encouragement. It costs nothing and can make someonesí day, and donít forget to encourage yourself, Iím doing okay, I can get things done, Iím  allright.

Stay Positive

Thatís all there is to it, Stay Positive....... No Negativity.


Laughter is the music of the Soul. Fake a laugh anytime by using a cackle or a giggle.


Things will not always go your way, and when this is the case, there's no use in fighting it. Accept the  Situation, and make the best with what you have.


There's much that can be said about this topic. Under-rated is the fact that, as well as making the other person know they are forgiven, we release a burden  from ourself. And you donít have to wait till the person is around, you can forgive anyone now. Forgiving yourself is also helpful. For a while, I had a forgive list, and at the end of each month I would go through each name on the list and forgive them individually for anything they had ever done, and this would be said out aloud, as to enforce the message. I would also ask the person for forgiveness for anything I have ever done against them, once again saying it out aloud.

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