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"Bin Magic is Cool Stuff - I like it”. David Allen, Author of the international best-selling book,
Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Viking; 2001).

"Bin Magic is similar to the idea of  putting it on the back burner. It is simple - as is most truly useful wisdom". >Tandy Beard - M.S.A. ( Master of Social Work, U.S.A.)<

"Bin Magic is brilliant. I am aware of numerous techniques to assist people with discarding troublesome thoughts, and believe it is the best  technique I have come across because it is so easy. Just toss those unhelpful thoughts and feelings in the bin!" Dr. Deidre Michelle

" This is a good idea and similar to one we use with the children in counseling, to help them deal with unwanted thoughts and bad dreams". 
Katie Boast, B.Sc. Psych. MAPS.

"Bin Magic has a great deal of merit, and could be of assistance to people in these troubled times".
Lenore West, B.Edu. J.P. (Queensland Education)

" I think Bin Magic is very positive and believe it can be of  value" Alan O'Day. Musician.

When asked if there was any chance that Bin Magic would create confusion in a person with schizophrenia, the reply was "to the contrary".
Dr Edwin S. Young. Psychiatrist, M.B.,B.S.,  D.P.M., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., Brisbane Australia.

"You can put my name to this".
Doctor John Ryan. M.B.B.S,.(Qld) F.R.A.C.G.P. M.Sc., Nutrition, (London) D.C.H., (Ireland) M.R.C.G.P., (UK) F.A.M.A.S.(Acupuncture)

"This is a good idea". Matt Taylor  Musician (Chain)

"Bin Magic  fits well with Albert Ellis' Rational Emotive Therapy in some ways, and encourages people to take control of their thoughts, and hence their emotional responses to situations that are often based on faulty assumptions on how other people should relate to them. I have let some of my colleagues in mental health know about Bin Magic". Jill Scanlan, B.Sc. QUT MNursSt. Flinders. Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia.

“Bin Magic is straight to the point and effective”. Yeaca Dhargo Family Project, Brisbane.

" Bin Magic is Realistic, Practicle, and Easy to Use".
Sue Perel, Manager, Kurbingui Youth Development, Brisbane, Australia.

"Bin Magic makes good sense to me.  It is very helpful in becoming aware of dysfunctional thought patterns and offers an effective strategy for changing them by mentally discarding the damaging thoughts". Barbara Van der Meulen, Bach. of Social Sciences/Counselling.

"Bin Magic is deadly"
Fred Leone, Youth Worker, North West Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Association

"Bin Magic works for me". Lindy Morrison, Musician (The Go Betweens)

“A child friendly and unobtrusive way to deal with reality and a normal, simple action that does not have to be learnt".  E.Drew. B.Sc. Psychology.

" It creates a thought process, and with the results it seems to be getting, it certainly needs further evaluation ". Bernie Sanft Grad.Cert.Community and Youth Work. Youth Worker Boystown 16 years,, Brisbane, Australia

Bin Magic is a good project, It helps those who don't understand what people go through. It did help me to understand people and what they go through, more clearly.
Waforo Marou, Client Kurbingui Youth development

" This method works for those who can accept it ". Gestalt Therapist

" Cognitive Behaviour Therapy" is the right language for some people and "Bin Magic" right for others ".
Martin, Computer Systems Engineer.

"It seems like a good idea for those who need it".
Merrill,  Administration Officer Burnie Brae Senior Citizens Centre, Brisbane, Auistralia.

“Anyone can do it, I love it “ Dawn, Mother of a long time sufferer of Schizophrenia.

"The Bin Magic process is a useful strategy". Aboriginal Elder, North Brisbane.

" This may work for some ". M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.C.S., FICS., M.Hth.Sc. Grad.Dip.Ed.(Adult and Voc).

 "Bin Magic is inoffensive" Sergeant (retired) New Zealand Defence Force.

“Bin Magic is very innovating”. Soldier, Australian Defence Force Intelligence.

"I've never used bin magic, but it is a really good idea". Queensland Rugby League Junior Referee

"The Peace Theory works for me. Everyone should try this".
Nicky Evans, Diploma of Indigenous Community Welfare. Co-Ordinator, Alcohol Tobacco and Illicit Drugs Program, Kurbingui Youth Development.

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