Koala and Bunny ~ Teaching Children Protective Behaviours

Endorsed by the Salvation Army (Aue), The Rotary Club (Nundah), Sexual Assault Clinic Africa Kurbingui Sporting Assoc. Inc., Leneen Forde AC .

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The Salvation Army in the Australia Eastern Territory is pleased to endorse "Koala and Bunny" (including sister material of "Rhino and Elephant" and "Squirrel and Bunny") as a valuable asset and helpful resource for teaching children protective behaviours. James Condon, Commissioner, Australia Eastern Territory. www.thesalvationarmy.org

The Rotary Club of Nundah is pleased to endorse (the Child Protection Books/Strategies) Koala and Bunny, Rhino and Elephant and Squirrel and Bunny as valuable tools in teaching children protective behaviours.  Chris Johnston, President 2014. Rotary Club of Nundah. http://nundahrotary.org.au/

Sexual Assault Clinic is pleased to endorse Koala and Bunny as an exceptional tool to use with children for teaching correct behaviour.
Michelle Bellion, Director, Sexual Assault Clinic, Benoni , Gauteng, South Africa. http://www.sexualassaultclinic.org


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Koala and Bunny

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