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Koala and Bunny ~ Teaching Children Protective Behaviours

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"Boorabee is the Aboriginal word for Koala and is the Totem of the
Ngarabal People of Northern New South Wales".
 Ricky Pascoe. Ngarabal /Darug Man


SALVATION ARMY COMMISSIONER (AUE) LETTER 31st May, 2016. (Text Version Excerpt)

The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory.


"Koala and Bunny" Mr. Al (Alan) Smith has developed "Koala and Bunny" as a teaching resource for child protective behaviours.

It is a valuable asset and helpful resource. It includes educational handbooks, colouring-in books, publicity flyers and so on. "Koala and Bunny" and its sister-series of "Rhino and Elephant" and "Squirrel and Bunny", is now widely used by The Salvation Army internationally to teach children in this vital area of great concern to all of us so they know what is safe and acceptable behaviour.

Al Smith has strong endorsement of this resource from across Australia and from across the world and I write to commend it to you.

The materials are now being used in over twenty countries and tens of thousands of children are being taught this vital message.

I commend Alan for his tireless efforts to see children protected from harmful abuse and commend these resources to you.

James. Commissioner. 31st May, 2016. Office of the Territorial Commander The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters Level 1, 261 - 265 Chalmers Street, REDFERN. NSW 2016 (P0 Box A435, Sydney South NSW 1235) T 02 94663081 salvos.org.au William Booth, Founder / Andre Cox. General


KOALA AND BUNNY ~ Teaching Children to Protect Themselves.

Koala and Bunny is a simple yet powerful resource that introduces the topic of acceptable and unacceptable practices when it comes to our body openings.

It is a great resource for anyone who wants to create an awareness of the importance of looking after and protecting our body openings.  

While Koala and Bunny at first appears to be a children's resource, it can also be of benefit to all ages, especially to those who may come from a culture or environment where they have experienced destructive body health and/or sexual abuse and are confused about this issue.

In the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities where in general life is more simple and trusting, Koala and Bunny discussions can introduce a necessary awareness of predators, how to identify them and what is and what is not ok.

Koala and Bunny is an excellent resource that sets the platform for discussion on this very sensitive and important issue.  It encourages discussion for all the aspects of health, including physical, sexual, mental and spiritual health.
Supplying the Koala and Bunny books to our remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities is great idea, and can also provide open door opportunities to build our relationships for ministry and social program support and assistance.
Warm regards
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Development Worker
The Salvation Army, Queensland, Australia.

 (We recognise and respect the Traditional Owners of the lands where we live and work, and respect the Elders both past and present)
 2 Corinthians 5:19 And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation

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