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Koala and Bunny

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Rhino and Elephant

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Squirrel and Bunny

Translations Available

If you would like any of the below listed Koala and Bunny or Rhino and Elephant Translations, Please send an email

Koala and Bunny Translations
Tagalog, Indonesian, Polish, Mizo, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Kannada, Tamil, Bangla, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Rhino and Elephant Translations
Swahili, Afrikkans, Kirundi.

Open Translations - Write in your own Translation

Easily Translate Koala and Bunny, Rhino and Elephant and Squirrel and Bunny into any Language.

Download the below file and write your translation in the spaces opposite the pictures. The text for each picture is supplied.

If you have a PDF Editor you can type the words into the books.

This is a very simple method for people of any Country to access the stories in their own Language.

Open Translations Colour

Open Translations Colouring in

Play Scripts


The Colour Versions can be printed and laminated so everyone can have these books.

The Slide Show can be used by Teachers and Parents to read the story to Children while they follow the story on screen or projector.

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