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New Book Promotes Child Safety
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Al Smith has released his book, “Koala and Bunny”, hoping to attract publicity in Child Protection Week.
He says he has been inspired by his large family to create a valuable resource for children to learn to speak up.
Al Smith, Author: “I believe one of the biggest problem with the issue is people not speaking up about it, even if they suspect it.”
Mr Smith has been in discussion with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to incorporate the book into the national curriculum.
Al Smith, Author: “Julia Gillard has been very positive about it, she has said straight out you are commended for doing this.”
Child protection workers say the book will be a valuable resource.
Sue Perel, Kurbingui Youth Development: “I think Al has put a great deal of effort into getting this book happening and he has lots of community support. So top marks to Al.”
Al’s goal now is to get the book published in many languages so that more people hear the child protection message.
Al Smith, Author: “I’d like to see it in every language on the planet.”
The book is available online and at libraries throughout Australia.

Elly Bradfield, QUT News.

Book debuts to praise and recommendations
(Courtesy of Bayside and Northern Suburbs Star. September 8 2010)

Musician and author Al Smith with his debut book Koala and Bunny.
HIS book 'Koala and Bunny' has received commendations from Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Premier Anna Bligh and Lord Mayor Campbell Newman. But for Zillmere author Al Smith his book's major achievement has been promoting child safety and instilling protective behaviours in children.
Mr Smith, a musician, artist and environmental campaigner, said he hoped the book would help children become more aware of the special parts of their bodies and help prevent them from becoming victims of abuse.
His book, 'Koala and Bunny' tells the story of a koala and bunny who play around by sticking twigs in the other's ears and nose. They both get sick from the germs on the twigs and learn never to let anyone touch their 'openings'.
"It took me about 16 years to come up with the book...in the last few years I decided on the story with the advice of different professionals," he said.
"I'm a bit surprised that the reception (to the book) has been so positive."
The self published author - who was recently offered a publishing deal - said the book was interactive and included a colouring-in section.
"It's a great way for parents and teachers to discuss (child protection) with young children gently," he said.
"It's really a global message...that's what I hope to see...the book go global."
So far 'Koala and Bunny' has attracted more than 45 testimonials from parents, counsellors, survivors of abuse, as well as politicians, police and child safety officials.
Mr Smith said his book would also be used as an educational resource by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) for the third phase of the new National Curriculum.
For more information, to order the book and to view testimonials visit www.koalaandbunny.com
Copies of 'Koala and Bunny' are also available in all Brisbane City Council libraries, as well as libraries in every capital city in Australia.

Elizabeth Rennie

Footnotes by Al Smith regarding this article.
1/. While there are positive indications, It is not confirmed that Koala and Bunny will be used as an educational resource by A.C.A.R.A. for the third phase of the new National Curriculum.
2/. Koala and Bunny is not available in libraries in every capitol city View Libraries for availability.

Teaching kids to be safe
(Courtesy of Northside Chronicle September 8, 2010)


ZILLMERE'S Al Smith has taken his concern for child safety to the nation with his book Koala and Bunny recently released in time for Child Protection Week this week.
Mr Smith, who took 16 years to write the book, has received commendation from politicians countrywide on his website.
He said the book was a child-friendly way of making sure kids knew to protect themselves from abuse.
He said the book would also be a resource for adults and teachers to explain to children the importance of protecting themselves.
"I'm feeling really positive about it," Mr Smith said.
"It looks like it will be a great aid for everyone."
He said he hoped children would learn the important lessons in the book.
"Going by the responses it's definitely going to make a difference," Mr Smith said.
"I'm pretty positive this will be in libraries around the country before too long."
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman recently purchased five copies of the book for libraries.
Testimonials for Koala and Bunny can be seen at www.koalaandbunny.com

Jacob Grams.

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