"Life" by Al Smith and Alan O'Day

23 Music Clips from Al's 2 Albums, "Three Day Wonder" and "Call Up"


About the Author

Al Smith describes himself as a battler. He's been an Artist for twenty years and has exhibited in some of Brisbane's finest galleries, alongside the likes of Ken Done and Allan "Alfie" Langer. His mentor and good friend of many years, was the late James Holmyard.

Al plays several musical instruments and has recorded cd's that received acclaim at the Queensland Recording Association Awards. Al's favorite musical memories include performing with Ray Davies, (The Kinks) Lobo, Keith Urban and Author Peter Carey. Al's recorded music with the best of musicians including  Alan O'Day, Phil Manning, and Quan  "Mr Regurgatator" Yeomans. He is an Honourary member of The Blues Association of The Sunshine Coast, and a full writer member of APRA.

Al has been a conservationist for many years and was one of  around 100 people who fought to save Nightcap Rainforest, in 1979, which was the first Rainforest to be saved from destruction in Australia. Al was pleasantly surprised in 2020 to, learn that Protesters Falls in Nightcap Rainforest, was named after the group of protesters that saved the Nightcap Rainforest.

The Honourable Neville Bonner, Australia's first Indigenous Senator was of great assistance to Al in his one man fight to establish a native tree seed bank that was established at Mt Annan, in 1989. Around this time the Media tagged Al with the title "The Treeman" when reporting how He had grown 10,000 Australian Native trees, in the garage and on the balcony of his unit.

One project dear to Al is his mind management technique "Bin Magic", developed to help a sufferer of Schizophrenia and approval to distribute the brochures in 100 libraries throughout all Australian capitol cities was achieved after 6 years of working on this project.

Al hopes "Koala and Bunny" will help children become more aware of the special parts of their bodies, and that it will help prevent children from becoming a victim of abuse.

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